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Episode 45 – Investors: investments and assets

Last updated 1 May 2023

In this episode of Tax inVoice, host David Jepsen is joined by the ATO’s Tax Time spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Tim Loh to discuss the fundamentals of investing, for tax agents and investors – both old and new.

When investing, it is important to consider all your assets when completing your tax return. Assets can include rental properties, shares, micro-investments like exchange traded funds (ETFs) and crypto assets.

You need to declare the income you receive from investments such as dividends and rent, but also the capital gains tax (CGT) that occurs when the assets are ‘disposed’ of. CGT is not a separate tax and makes up part of your taxable income.

Keeping accurate records will assist you in completing your tax return.

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Media: Tax inVoice Episode 45: Investors - Investments and assets Link (Duration: 24:41)