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Episode 46 – COVID-19 and tax time

Last updated 1 May 2023

ATO Tax Time spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Tim Loh joins host David Jepsen for Tax inVoice – helping taxpayers understand what they can and can’t claim relating to COVID-19 and the tax implications of COVID-19 support payments.

Over the pandemic, the government delivered multiple COVID-19 support payments, each with different tax requirements.

COVID-19 Disaster Payments, for instance, are non-taxable support payments and don’t need to be included in your tax return. Pandemic Leave Disaster Payments, however, are taxable and must be reported as income in your tax return.

COVID-19 work-related expenses and working from home expenses may change what deductions can be claimed in your tax return. Eligible deductions may include:

  • electricity expenses for heating, cooling or lighting
  • the decline in value of office furniture and items used for work
  • internet and phone expenses
  • COVID-19 tests (if purchased for work related purposes)
  • personal protective equipment (PPE) if required for work and not provided by your employer.

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Media: Tax inVoice Episode 46: COVID and tax time Link (Duration 17:30)