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IPS – information we publish

We publish documents, such as our agency plan, annual plan, financial statements and organisational structure to our IPS entry. In addition to the information we are required to publish, we also publish our operational information - information that guides us in decision-making, routinely requested information and information we consider to be of value or interest to the public.

Last updated 4 September 2018

Under the Information Publication Scheme (IPS), we publish certain documents – including our IPS agency plan – in the following categories:

Who we are

  • Annual reports - provides details about our performance with links to our current and previous annual reports.
  • Organisational structure - describes who we are, our reporting structures, our sub-plans, management arrangements, organisational charts and details about our business and service lines.

What we do

  • Corporate plan - contains the next steps on the journey to achieving our 2024 aspirations. Our aim is to build trust and confidence in the tax and superannuation systems and to create a streamlined, integrated and data-driven future.
  • Taxpayers' charter - what you need to know - sets out your rights and obligations, what you can expect when you deal with us and what you can do if you are not satisfied.
  • Laws conferring powers on the Commissioner of Taxation – Lists the main tax and super laws, conferring powers or functions on the Commissioner of Taxation.

Operational information

Reports and responses to parliament

  • Senate Procedural Orders of Continuing Effect No. 10 - file lists tabled before parliament which make government operations transparent to the Australian public.
  • Appendix 8: Advertising, direct mail, media placement and market research - contracts for advertising, direct mail, media placement and market research.

Requested information and disclosure log

  • FOI disclosure log - documents released under freedom of information (FOI) access requests and which are publicly available.

Consultation arrangements

  • ATO consultative forums - access to detailed information about our consultative forums, including forums for taxpayers, business and professional associations.

Our priorities

  • Corporate plan - Each year, we present the ATO Corporate plan that outlines our focus areas and priorities for the financial year ahead.
  • Our research - details results of recent research from surveys, product testing and user research.

Our finances

  • Tenders and procurement - tenders, contracts and other procurement related matters.
  • Financial statements - audited financial statements.

Our lists

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