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Complaints, compliments and feedback

We welcome your feedback about the services we provide and how people experience the delivery of ATO services.

Last updated 4 July 2023

Your feedback helps us improve

We welcome your complaints, compliments and feedback about the services we provide and how we deliver them. This helps us improve the way we do things.

Information to assist you with your issue

If your issue relates to:

How to make an enquiry or lodge a complaint, compliment or feedback

You can contact us with your enquiry, complaint, compliment or other feedback as follows:

  • Enquiries – contact us to obtain information or request an action, service or a product.
  • Complaints – contact us to express dissatisfaction with an ATO product, action, process or service, or the handling of a complaint, where you require an individual resolution or response.
  • Compliments and feedback – contact us to provide any comments, opinions, compliments, feedback or suggestions, where you are not requiring an individual response or remedy.