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  • How to find your total super balance

    You can view your total super balance for 2016–17 onwards using ATO online services.

    When you log in to ATO online services, select Super, then navigate to Total superannuation balance. This will display:

    • Current tab – your total super balance for the current financial year (if available)
    • History tab – your total super balance for each of the previous financial years from 2016–17 onwards
    • The relevant data that makes up your total super balance, including  
      • accumulation phase value for each account
      • retirement phase value for each account
      • roll-over amounts
      • outstanding LRBA amounts (where applicable)
      • each structured settlement contribution made.

    The total super balance displayed in the superannuation section of ATO online services is based on the current information on our systems.

    Amounts displayed may not include:

    • current or previous financial year information that has not yet been received or processed by us
    • transition to retirement income stream accounts
    • some pension accounts
    • defined benefit account balances.

    If you think the information displayed is incorrect or incomplete, please check with your fund and your own records.

    If the total super balance amount displayed is zero, this is because either:

    • we do not have any information for the financial year
    • the amounts reported for total super balance purposes by some funds may not equal the account balance reported on the member‘s annual statement
    • some funds report the accumulation phase value as a different or zero amount.

    For example, if your SMSF has not lodged their annual return or a transfer balance account report with an accumulation phase value, your total super balance will be incomplete or show as zero.

    These amounts will become available as funds begin reporting them to us.

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