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  • Working out your non-concessional contributions cap

    The annual non-concessional contributions cap is currently$110,000.

    This cap can increase due to indexation. We will update this information if it does.

    Table 2: non-concessional contributions caps from 2013–14 onwards

    Financial year

    Non-concessional cap



















    Your own non-concessional cap may be higher or lower

    If your total super balance is greater than or equal to the general transfer balance cap ($1.6 million from 2017–21; $1.7 million from 2021–22) at the end of the previous financial year, your non-concessional contributions cap is nil ($0) for the financial year.

    Your non-concessional contributions cap can be changed if you are eligible for the bring-forward arrangement. This arrangement allows you to bring forward the equivalent of one or two years of your annual cap from future years. This means you can make contributions up to two or three times the annual cap amount over the bring-forward period.

    Next step:

    • Check out how much you have contributed into your super fund to make sure you don’t exceed your contribution caps. You can check these contributions on ATO online services, phone us on 13 10 20 or contact your super fund.

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