Student Assistance Act 1973

Part 4A - Financial Supplement for Tertiary Students  

Division 1 - Preliminary  


The object of this Part is to enable a tertiary student who is, or except for the ABSTUDY parental income test would be, eligible for certain benefits under the ABSTUDY scheme to obtain a repayable financial supplement by choosing to enter into a contract for that purpose with a financial corporation that participates in the Student Financial Supplement Scheme.

The payment of financial supplement will reduce certain other benefits payable to the student under the ABSTUDY scheme. The amount of the supplement that the student is eligible to obtain depends on the total amount of those benefits that the student chooses to receive, and the student may choose to repay some of the benefits, or to receive lower benefits, in order to receive a higher supplement.

The student is not liable to pay interest to the financial corporation in respect of financial supplement obtained, but the Commonwealth will, without cost to the student, pay a subsidy to the financial corporation that includes an amount in lieu of interest.

However, the amount of the financial supplement that has to be repaid under a contract will be indexed on 1 June in the year next following the year in which the contract is entered into and on 1 June in each subsequent year. The amount by which supplement is increased by indexation is owed by the student to the Commonwealth and not to the financial corporation. The student is entitled, but not required, to make early repayments above a certain amount in respect of the supplement during the period of the contract. There is a discount, worked out under subsection 12ZA(7) or (7A), for repayments made before the end of that period.

If financial supplement obtained by a student is not repaid in full before the end of the period of the contract, the obligation to repay the amount of the supplement that is still outstanding is assigned to the Commonwealth and the indexed amount is repayable by the student to the Commonwealth through the taxation system when the student's income reaches a certain level.

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