Student Assistance Act 1973

Part 4A - Financial Supplement for Tertiary Students  

Division 5 - Repayments of financial supplement during contract period  


The Secretary must, as soon as practicable after the termination date in relation to the contract, arrange for written notice to be given to the student:

(a) stating that at the end of the contract period the student ceased to be indebted to the participating corporation under the contract and will not receive any discount for repayments made after that time; and

(b) stating that on a date specified in the notice, being 1 June immediately following the termination date, the student incurred an FS debt or FS debts to the Commonwealth and setting out the amount of that debt or the amounts of those debts; and

(c) stating that the student is entitled at any time to make a repayment in respect of that debt or those debts and that so much of that debt or those debts as is not voluntarily repaid by the student will be recovered under the taxation system in accordance with this Part.

If, after a notice was given to the student under subsection (1) or this subsection, the Secretary or an officer of the Department is satisfied that a material particular in the notice was not, or has ceased to be, correct, the Secretary must arrange for a further written notice to be given to the student setting out the correct particular.

A notice given to the student under this section is given for the purpose only of providing information to the student, and an FS debt of the student to the Commonwealth is not affected by a failure to give such a notice or by any incorrect statement in such a notice.

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