Higher Education Support Act 2003

Chapter 3 - Assistance to students  


Division 97 - Re-crediting of HELP balances in relation to HECS-HELP assistance  

SECTION 97-27   Re-crediting a person ' s HELP balance in relation to HECS-HELP assistance - no tax file number  

A higher education provider must, on the *Secretary ' s behalf, re-credit a person ' s *HELP balance with an amount equal to the amounts of *HECS-HELP assistance that the person received for a unit of study if:

(a) the person has been enrolled in the unit with the provider; and

(b) subsection 193-5(1) applies to the person in relation to the unit.

The *Secretary may re-credit the person ' s *HELP balance under subsection (1) if the provider is unable to do so.

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