Family Assistance Legislation Amendment (Jobs for Families Child Care Package) Act 2017 (22 of 2017)

Schedule 4   Application, saving and transitional provisions

Part 2   Child care subsidy and additional child care subsidy

4   Pre-commencement claims etc. for CCS

(1) The following things may be done during the pre-commencement period, for the purposes of ensuring that amounts of CCS and ACCS, and amounts under section 67EB of the Administration Act, can be paid promptly for weeks commencing on and after the commencement day:

(a) individuals may make claims for CCS, as if the amendments made by Schedule 1 were in force;

(b) the Secretary may exercise powers and perform functions under Part 4A of the Assistance Act and Part 3A of the Administration Act as inserted by Schedule 1, and under Part 6 of the Administration Act as amended by Schedule 1, as if the amendments made by Schedule 1 were in force.

(2) Subitem (1) does not limit the operation of section 4 of the Acts Interpretation Act 1901.

(3) To avoid doubt, subitem (1) is subject to item 2.