Taxation Ruling

TR 2020/3

Income tax: effective life of depreciating assets (applicable from 1 July 2020)

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    This Ruling, which applies from 1 July 2020, replaces TR 2019/5 (see paragraph 5 of this Ruling for further details).

Financial and insurance services - (62100 to 64200)

(62100 to 64200)
Banking, building society and credit union operations
(62210 to 62230)
Automatic teller machines (ATMs) - see Table B Automatic teller machines (ATMs)
Cheque processing machines (including proof machines, endorsers, MICR encoders, printers, readers, sorters and scanners) 5     *     1 Jul 2019
Cash handling assets:
    Coin cabinets, secure coin storage units and coin trolleys 15     *     1 Jul 2019
    Coin counters and sorters, and coin deposit machines (CDMs) 10     *     1 Jul 2019
    Note counters and sorters 8     *     1 Jul 2019
    Teller cash recyclers (TCRs), teller cash dispensers (TCDs), teller assist units (TAUs) and automated teller safes (ATSs) 7     *     1 Jul 2019
    Weighing machines (such as coin scales, digital weighing machines, and note scales) 7     *     1 Jul 2019
EFTPOS machines and EFTPOS terminals (such as PIN pads) - see Table B Point of sale assets
    Safes (portable) 40     *     1 Jul 2019
    Strongroom door and frame 100 1 Jan 2001
    Teller safes, counter safes and teller time-delay safes 25     *     1 Jul 2019
    Vaults (demountable or portable) and demountable strongrooms 100     *     1 Jul 2019
Security assets:
    Anti-jump barriers (cables or partitions) 15     *     1 Jul 2019
    Ballistic and blast resistant screens and barriers (including fixed and rising types) not forming part of the building - see Table B Security and monitoring assets
Variable message signs, such as electronic FX boards and digital LED screens - see Table B Advertising signs

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