Fringe Benefits Tax Assessment Act 1986


Division 10A - Car parking fringe benefits  

Subdivision D - 12 week record keeping method  


39GG(1)   [Details in register]  

The register must include details of the following:

(a) the date on which each car covered by subsection (4) was parked;

(b) whether the car was parked for a total that exceeds 4 hours;

(c) whether the car travelled between the place of residence of an employee covered by the election and his or her primary place of employment on that day;

(d) the place where the car was parked.

39GG(2)   [When details must be entered]  

The person responsible for making entries in the register must make the entry as soon as practicable after he or she knows the details required by subsection (1).

39GG(3)   [Register not valid]  

If subsection (1) or (2) is not satisfied, the register is not valid.

39GG(4)   [Car covered by provision]  

A car is covered by this subsection if:

(a) a car benefit relating to the car is provided on a day during the 12 week period to an employee covered by the election in respect of the employee's employment; or

(b) the car is owned by, or leased to, an employee covered by the election at any time during the 12 week period; or

(c) the car is made available by another person to an employee covered by the election at any time during the 12 week period where:

(i) the other person is not the employee's employer; and

(ii) the other person did not make the car available under an arrangement to which the employee's employer is a party.

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