Income Tax Assessment Act 1997



Division 290 - Contributions to superannuation funds  

Subdivision 290-C - Deducting personal contributions  

Conditions for deducting a personal contribution

SECTION 290-180   Notice may be varied but not revoked or withdrawn  

You cannot revoke or withdraw a valid notice in relation to the contribution (or a part of the contribution).

You can vary a valid notice, but only so as to reduce the amount stated in relation to the contribution (including to nil). You do so by giving notice to the trustee or the *RSA provider in the *approved form.

However, you cannot vary a valid notice after:

(a) if you have lodged your *income tax return for the income year in which the contribution was made on a day before the end of the next income year - the end of that day; or

(b) otherwise - the end of the next income year.


The variation is not effective if, when you make it:

(a) you were not a member of the fund or the holder of the *RSA; or

(b) the trustee or *RSA provider no longer holds the contribution; or

(c) the trustee or RSA provider has begun to pay a *superannuation income stream based in whole or part on the contribution.

Subsection (3) does not apply to a variation if:

(a) you claimed a deduction for the contribution (or a part of the contribution); and

(b) the deduction is not allowable (in whole or in part); and

(c) the variation reduces the amount stated in relation to the contribution by the amount not allowable as a deduction.

Application to successor funds


Subsections (2) and (3A) apply as if:

(a) the reference in subsection (3A) to the fund or *RSA were a reference to a *successor fund; and

(b) references in those subsections to the trustee or *RSA provider were references to the trustee or RSA provider of the successor fund;

if, after a valid notice is given under section 290-170 in relation to the contribution, all of the *superannuation interest to which the notice relates is transferred to the successor fund.

(Repealed by No 89 of 2013)

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