Higher Education Support Act 2003

Chapter 2 - Grants for higher education assistance etc  


Division 33 - How are grant amounts worked out?  

Subdivision 33-B - Basic grant amounts  

SECTION 33-10   33-10   Commonwealth contribution amounts  

The Commonwealth contribution amount , for a place in a *funding cluster, is:

Commonwealth contribution amount
Item Funding cluster Commonwealth
contribution amount
1 Law, Accounting, Administration, Economics, Commerce $1,765
2 Humanities $4,901
3 Mathematics, Statistics, Behavioural Science, Social Studies, Computing, Built Environment, Other Health $8,670
4 Education $9,020
5 Clinical Psychology, Allied Health, Foreign Languages, Visual and Performing Arts $10,662
6 Nursing $11,903
7 Engineering, Science, Surveying $15,156
8 Dentistry, Medicine, Veterinary Science, Agriculture $19,235


Commonwealth contribution amounts are indexed under Part 5-6 .

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