Freedom of Information Act 1982


Division 4 - Procedure in Tribunal  

SECTION 60AA   Procedure in Tribunal - requirement to notify affected third parties  



This section applies if an application is made to the Tribunal under section 57A for the review of a decision not to give access to a document to which a consultation requirement applies under section 26A , 27 or 27A (whether the decision is made by the Information Commissioner, an agency or a Minister).

Requirement to notify

The agency to which, or the Minister to whom, the request was made for access to the document must, as soon as practicable, take all reasonable steps to notify the affected third party for the document of the application to the Tribunal.

Note 1:

For affected third party , see section 53C.

Note 2:

Notice is not required to be given in certain circumstances (see section 60AB ).

Note 3:

The affected third party may apply to be made a party to the proceeding by the Tribunal under subsection 30(1A) of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act 1975 .

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