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02. Strategic initiatives

Last updated 8 August 2021

Our strategic initiatives are the key activities we will undertake to deliver our objectives.

Optimise interactions through our self-service channels

Create better experiences, making self-service channels the preferred option for most clients and their agents

Improve small business tax performance

Improve the tax performance of small businesses by integrating tax reporting mechanisms and making verifiable data easier for them to provide, access and use

Establish the Australian Business Registry Services

Operationalise a single business registry service, including director identification numbers, to streamline services and make it simpler for businesses to interact with government

Focus on what matters most

Become a more purposeful organisation and improve client and staff outcomes by ensuring we focus on the highest value activities, and that these are understood and measured on an end-to-end basis

Embed new ways of working

Harness insights and build on our progress in creating a dynamic workforce with the right leadership, culture, capability and staff experience to position us for the future

Unlock our data potential

Improve the way we collect, manage, share and use data, to build confidence and drive actions that maximise value for the ATO and the community

Strengthen cyber security

Protect our organisation, clients and other ecosystem partners from cyberthreats and data breaches