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  • Exclusions

    Some property transactions are excluded from the new measure:

    • commercial residential premises (for example hotels and motels)
    • new residential premises created by substantial renovations
    • potential residential land included in a property subdivision plan that contains a building that is currently in use for a commercial purpose – for example, a factory or shop being operated in an area where local zoning permits mixed use
    • taxable supplies of potential residential land between GST registered businesses where the purchaser acquires the property for a creditable purpose.

    Other types of property transactions are not included in the new measure as they are not new residential premises or potential residential land, for example:

    • sales of commercial premises, for example office units, factories and retail shops where land is zoned commercial use only
    • industrial land or farm land where zoning prevents residential development
    • hospitals.
      Last modified: 15 May 2018QC 55431