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Community voices series

Last updated 15 November 2021

We all have different experiences with tax and super, and we’re here to help make yours as easy as possible.

In this video series people share their personal experiences, in their own words, about navigating life in a new country – from lodging their first tax return, to setting up a small business, and how the ATO has helped.

Shane's story – new to tax and super

Shane and his wife decided it was 'now or never' when they moved to Australia. In this video, Shane talks about his experience learning about tax and his advice for finding the information you need.

Media: Shane’s story – New to tax and super Link (Duration: 01:46)

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Karan's story – running a small business

Karan's been in business for over 34 years. Watch and listen to Karan’s story to learn about the importance of planning ahead to set your business up for success and how the ATO can help.

Media: Karan’s story – Running a small business Link (Duration: 02:06)

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Feridun's story – protecting your personal identity

Feridun has seen first-hand the damage that scammers can cause people.

In this video, he shares his advice for staying safe from scams and how information on the ATO website helps him keep his community informed.

Media: Feridun’s story – Protecting your personal identity Link (Duration: 02:35)

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Hanna's story – operating as a sole trader

Hanna felt like she had to learn a lot of information quickly when she moved to Australia and started her own business.

In this video, Hanna talks about how she got her business up and running and how the ATO helped her.

Media: Hanna’s story – Operating as a sole trader Link (Duration: 02:01)

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Monica S's story – being a Tax Help volunteer

After arriving in Australia and completing her accounting studies, Monica decided to volunteer with the ATO's free Tax Help program. Watch and listen to learn why Monica gives her time to help people with their tax returns.

Media: Monica S’s story – Being a Tax Help volunteer Link (Duration: 02:29)

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Monica F's story – learning about super

Monica was taught from a young age that being financially literate can set you up for the future.

In this video, Monica talks about how learning about super has empowered her and shares her experience of the ATO.

Media: Monica F’s story – Learning about super Link (Duration: 01:57)

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Sargon's story – supporting the community

As a community leader, Sargon is passionate about helping those who are new to Australia, especially refugees.

In this video, Sargon talks about his experience coming to a new country and learning about Australia's tax system, and how he now helps others in similar situations to feel confident with managing their tax.

Media: Sargon’s story – Supporting the community Link (Duration: 02:33)

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